Michael Brandon (born on April 20th, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York as Michael Feldman) is an American actor who narrated from the seventh season to sixteenth season. He also re-narrated eight episodes from the sixth season. He was also credited as the narrator in the PBS opening of the first several seventeenth season episodes.

He appeared in "Captain America: The First Avenger" with Martin Sherman and William Hope.

He currently holds the record as the longest running narrator for the US and third overall after Michael Angelis and Leo Morimoto.

Brandon has appeared in other television shows and movies such as "Dempsey and Makepeace", "The Nanny", "Dinotopia", "Are You Ready for Love?", "The Division", "Ally McBeal", "The Catherine Tate Show", "Murder She Wrote", "New Tricks", "Try This One for Size", and "Doctor Who".

He was first married to Lindsay Wagner. He later married "Dempsey and Makepeace" co-star Glynis Barber, best known for her role in "EastEnders".




  • He is the only Classic Series narrator not to have played Mr. Conductor in the US.
  • He is the second narrator who has renarrated a season or some episodes before to become a new narrator in the US, the first being George Carlin.