Murdoch is a big orange tender engine on Sodor. He arrived in season 7 to help with the goods work but was intriduced two episodes early.he was to live at the engine sheds but was annoyed by Salty and Harvey.Soon he enjoyed his work at the countryside but soon found out it was filled with noisy sheep,but soon Toby came to clear the track and Murdoch found out that he should enjoy having company.He was in another episode for season 7 and then was a cameo in season 8, he was gone for 3 seasons and returned in season 11 when he along with Molly and Nevile laughed at Emily for working with Whiff.His final appearances were in season 12 when he helped Emily out of the mud when she didnt listen to him when being called excellent Emily and when he helped Thomas and Stanley pull Rocky deliver some supplies to a broken bridge.