Our Wiki's Flag
  • Based On: The Internationale
  • Original Lyrics: Eugène Pottier, 1871
  • Music: Pierre De Geyter, 1888
  • Renaming of the Lyrics: SilverWing17
  • Language: Russian, English (Subtitles)

Every man is born with a natural love for music. But there are a few people who can make good compositions that amuse the human heart. And there are but a few songs that last long like the way artifacts last in a museum. Most people pause from their busy lives and relax with music - doctors wearing white gowns, athletes wearing jerseys, or students wearing uniforms. Scientists think was never a man who innately hates music. Why? Because music is the language of the soul. Here in this wiki, we take that to heart. We have our own flag and anthem for something to sing and to show loyalty to the wiki.

Lyrics (Translated to English)

Arise, ye branded with a curse 

All the world's starving and enslaved!

Our intellect is boiling over and we are ready for the deadly battle

We will improve this world of spammers

Down to is foundations, and then

We will improve this new world:

They who are nothing will become everything


This is our final and deceive battle:

With the Internationale, humanity will rise up!

This is our final and deceive battle:

With the Internationale, humanity will rise up!

Only one will grant us our salvation,

Not a king, nor hero, but God.

To win our emancipation depends upon us and him.

To take down oppression with a skilled hand,

To reclaim what is truly ours:

Fire up the furnace and hammer boldly

While the iron is hot!


Only we, the workers of the world-wide,

The great army of labour,

Have the right to own the land;

But the parasites - never!

And if the great thunder rolls

Over the pack of dogs and executioners,

For us, the sun will shine forever

Shine on with its fiery beams.





  • Despite changing the lyrics in English, the Russian version remains the same.